Daily Commodity Research Reports

At Kotak Commodity, we understand the importance of providing quality research to enable our clients to make informed decisions. Research is pivotal to our clients and we lay strong emphasis on providing timely, independent and objective research reports to our clients.

Kotak Commodity has a strong research team which is involved in macro economic studies, commodity complex research and commodity specific research. Our daily, weekly and special research reports help in guiding customers on investing and taking informed decisions. These include:

Daily Reports

A daily report consists of vital market information with concise technical review of the commodity along with fundamental information. The commodities covered are

Commodity Snapshot: Indian derivative markets are open from 10 am to 11.30 pm. For a trader to get a view before the market opens, a brief snapshot of every commodity is prepared and sent out before 10 am, followed by a detailed report about spot and futures markets during the day. To view sample report click here.

Precious Metals: Gives a comprehensive view and outlook on global and domestic bullion market including gold and silver. It covers major events in global and domestic market and gives a perspective on how things will unfold over the coming days. To view sample report click here.

Base Metals: Covers five actively traded commodities in metals complex viz. Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Nickel and Zinc. The report gives an in depth analysis of these metals covering prices movement in domestic as well as international markets. Apart from the fundamentals, the report also focuses on global macro-economic factors that would influence the prices of the said metals. To view sample report click here.

Energy: Includes analysis of international energy market - largely crude oil and natural gas. The analysis is followed by a comprehensive outlook both for the day and the near future. Along with general futures market price movement, the report includes weekly stock reports, major economic data, calendar and inter commodity spread. To view sample report click here.

Oilseeds: Provides a holistic view of the Edible oils market. Major oilseeds Soybean and Mustard and its byproduct Soy oil, Soymeal are covered in the report. It includes Indian spot market, derivative market, Stock scenario, International Oilseeds market of USA, China and Malaysia are covered along with any major event with its outcome on the prices. To view sample report click here.

Cotton: Cotton market has various products like Kapas and cotton bales that are traded on different exchanges like NCDEX, MCX & ICE. The report talks about spot market arrivals, production and consumption numbers and trade recommendations, based on fundamental of the natural fiber, are given. Cotton has a strong correlation with the global markets and hence the report also gives special emphasis to the global market fundamentals as well. To view sample report click here.

Sugar: The report covers daily derivative price movement along with volume and open interest analysis. Various factors affecting the spot markets are discussed in detail. International Raw Sugar and the White sugar analysis and outlook is also part of the report. Futures market specific spread as well as analysis along with trade recommendations for part of the daily research report on sugar. To view sample report click here.

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