Online Trading

Portfolio Tracker

Kotak Commodities provides you a tool known as Portfolio Tracker that helps you track your trades of different commodities for your online trading account.

Get realised gain and loss statement: With Portfolio Tracker you can now get a realised Gain and Loss statement of all your trades. This statement will give you details for any date range within the current financial year. This helps you in making your tax statements.

View commodity wise allocation: You can get commodity wise allocation for all your trades and also view a Pie Chart showing the exact percentage of the allocation.

View your tax statement: You also have access to a statement which saves the trouble of calculating returns on each purchase and sell for computing your tax. You can simply take a print out of this statement and use it for computing profit and loss.

KC Trader

KC Trader, a free, easy-to-use integrated online trading application allows online trading customers to trade in Commodity Derivatives. KC Trader is a high-speed online trading application that allows you to monitor the real-time market. You can check live market rates of contracts in MCX / NCDEX, create multiple watchlists and simultaneously place orders, view order reports, view positions etc.

It's an online trading application in which you can view positions, select commodities, sectors, view order confirmations and much more.

Features of KC Trader

Real-time streaming data - Watch the market at real time with free streaming quotes from MCX & NCDEX. Available information also has details of Market Lot, Top Gainers/Losers, Top Active Contracts and Option Calculator.

Live Account Information - Track your account information live, view placed orders, trade confirmation, limits, positions, changing profit and loss etc.

Customizable - KC Trader allows you create your own personalized view of the market so you can watch the data you want. You can create multiple watchlists that can have up to 50 contracts in each of them; these watchlists can be set in tabs as well.


Set multiple watchlists
Create tab-wise access to watchlist
View placed order and trade confirmation online
Trade long contracts
Limits, Positions tabs available in the Risk Report
View changing profit and loss
View last 3 days placed orders
Attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Customize User Interface
View live Market Depth

All these and much more, so you can manage your portfolio actively, take advantage of potential opportunities and move ahead with market trends.

Access to KC Trader

As a Kotak Commodities online trading customer, you can easily get free access to KC Trader. All you need to do is download the Desktop Application and install it on your machine. Just be connected to the internet and start the application to witness high speed trading.

Access to KC Trader is available only to the customers of Kotak Commodity Services Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services ltd) Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services ltd) ltd).


We at Kotak Commodity believe in educating beginners in commodities market to know more about this investment option. Knowledge will always help you to take better investment decision.

This section covers basics of trading in commodities markets. Here, you get to know the following by registering for this section:

Introduction to Commodity Futures
Brief history of commodity trading
Commodity futures contract
Market participants

Commodity Futures as an Investment Avenue
Types of Futures Markets
Normal Futures Market
Inverted Futures Market

The concept of Basis in Commodity Futures
Basis Defined
Strengthening / Weakening of Basis
Edging and Basis

How to Trade In Commodity Futures in India
Step 1 - Choosing the Broker
Step 2 - Depositing the Margin
Step 3 - Access to Information and a Trading Plan

Entities in Dematerialization
Process Flow in Dematerialization
Process Flow in Commodity Futures Trading

Research Reports and SMS alerts

Kotak Commodity Services Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services ltd) Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services ltd) ltd). provides quality research to enable customers to make informed decisions. Research is pivotal for clients, therefore, strong emphasis is laid on providing timely, independent and objective research reports to clients. It offers Daily, Weekly, Special and Technical research reports to guide customers on investing.

To register for seven days free trial of reports click here.

Kotak Commodity Services Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services ltd) Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services Private Ltd (formerly known as Kotak Commodity Services ltd) ltd). offers Buy/Sell Calls with Entry & Exit Levels through Short Messaging Service on mobile on regular trading days. SMS also covers the Kotak Commodities research updates on various events in the commodities segment.

This service covers daily, weekly, technical calls for majority of highly traded commodities. These calls are sent to you during market hours, giving you opportunity to get maximum advantage from the market. This service is available to all the customers of Kotak Commodities at nominal charge.

Call & Trade

Kotak Commodities brings Call & Trade service for your online trading account. This facility allows you to capitalize on market opportunities even when your computer is inaccessible. Call & Trade essentially provides you the convenience of trading in Derivatives and delivery over the phone. The facility is extremely convenient especially while investing derivatives, where you can avoid completing tedious registration formalities by just placing a call on our number.

Features of the Call & Trade
Use Call & Trade to get live rates prevailing in the market
Trade in all commodities are available for trading at

All you need to do is place a call on the number 1800 102 6776 and our customer service personnel after verifying your personal details will, execute the order on your behalf.

After Market Orders can also be placed through Call & Trade facility and our customer care executives will place the order on your behalf. The customer can place an order on phone by calling on the number 1800 102 6776 in the time slots mentioned below:

Monday - Friday, anytime between 10.00 in the morning and 11.30 in the evening.
Saturday, anytime between 10.00 in the morning and 2.00 in the afternoon.

Competitive Brokerage Rate

Brokerage Structure:

1. Brokerage will be charged based on your account type at the start of the month. Based on the monthly volume your effective slab will be calculated and the brokerage difference will be debited or credited.

2. Service Tax of 10.30% of brokerage will be charged in addition. The brokerages charged are as per the volumes that are achieved. Based on these volumes a client can be either debited or credited an amount which is as per the volumes he/she may achieve at the end of the month.

3. Stamp Duty @ 0.001% of turnover will be charged in addition to the brokerage on all trades.

4. Exchange turnover charges @ 0.004% of turnover will be charged in addition to the brokerage on buy & sell leg of all trades.

Service tax, Exchange turnover charges and other statutory charges are as per current rate and any revision in the rate then same will be

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